Capillary Thermostat TS-120SR 32-248F, 20A / 250V

Title of the product: Capillary Thermostat TS-120SR 32-248F, 20A / 250V Description of the product:

  • A highly sensitive thermostatic controller based on the expansion of liquid.
  • Normally used for water heaters and wherever it is necessary to control the temperature up to 240F
  • Stable operation and no noise by snap action. Non-rust stainless (SUS304) steel capillary tubes and bulb


- Model: TS-120SR 32-248F
- Part No.: P-TS00663
- Temperature range: 32℉~248℉ (0°C ~ 120°C)
- Accuracy: ± 5.4℉ (±3°C)
- Differential: 5.4℉±2.7℉ (3± 1.5°C)
- Max. ambient temp. for body: 248℉ (120°C)
- Max. temperature for bulb: 284℉ (140°C)
- Electric rating: 20A/250VAC
- Switch circuit: Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
- Mounting bracket: M4 fixed bracket (28mm from the center to center)
- Direction of terminal: Straight
- Net weight: 93g
- Bulb dimension: Stainless, Ø5*106mm (± 5mm)
- Capillary length: Stainless, 1000mm ± 50mm
- Type of Knob: R-type Knob
- Bending radius for cap. Tube: min.5mm

◀Caution & Notice ▶
1. Please mind these instructions before installing a thermostat to your equipment and contact the supplier for any question or doubt.
2. Use it in an allowed electric rating for your safety.
3. Carefulness is required to handle the bulb and capillary to prevent breaking.
4. Do not bend the capillary less than a 5mm radius
5. Do not bend the terminals by force.
6. A damaged bulb can make the desired temperature fail.
7. The thermostat body should be installed away from the heating source. The higher ambient temperature can affect its normal function.
8. The sensing bulb should be installed in or close to the heating source. Otherwise, it can be out of the allowed tolerance.
9. Terminal deformation is not allowed for safety.
10. Refund or replacement is not accepted for voluntary fixing or modifying.
11. Applying the supplied parts with the thermostat.

Category of the product: Not provided Specification of the product: Batteries Required?: No Power Source: Electric Color: White, Black Brand: Rainbow Electronics Material: Alloy Steel Control Method: App Item Weight: 0.01 Ounces Batteries Included?: No Voltage: 250 Volts Package Dimensions: 6.77 x 2.52 x 1 inches Backlight: No


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